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Practical Software Solutions Company Details
Practical Software Solutions Ltd was established in 1993 as a computer consultancy, we have since branched out to include online marketing and direct mail services.

We specialise in the following services...

  • Software and/or database development for the Microsoft Windows platform.
    Using C++, Visual Basic, MySQL, Access and SQL Server.
  • Dynamic Web site development for Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server).
    Using ASP, Java, JavaScript, C++, VB, MySQL, Access and SQL Server.
  • Online/Offline marketing campaigns.

Past clients have included Reuters, Butterworths, Henry Doys and Clare Florist. Here is a selection of the products that were not for internal use within our clients companies.

  • CPID (Computing Personal Injury Damages)
  • BECC (Butterworths Employment Compensation Calculator)

Please feel free to Contact Us about any projects that you would like us to quote on.


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